Crankcase Gasket - Right, Honda, CF Moto, Hammerhead, Baja, 172MM, 250cc

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This stock center crankcase gasket (right) is typically found in the Crankcase / Crankcase Assy / Crankcase Comp section of several part manuals. Commonly used for but not limited to and 250cc engines. It is most popularly known for its use in Honda Helix 250, CF Moto 172MM / 172MM-A / 172MM-B / 172MM-F / CF250T-5 / V3 / V5, Baja Reaction 250 / Dune 250 / BR250 / DN250, Hammerhead SS250 / Twister UM250IIR, Joyner 250 / Sand Viper JNSZ250DN / Viper 250 (SZ250DI) / Dirt Devil 250 (SZ250DS) / Dirt Devil (SZ260DL), Kinroad 250 / XT250GK-2 / XT250GK-7, SunL 250cc XF250-2A / XF2502AR / SLGK-250-2A, Diamo Wolverine, QLink Commuter 250 / Sappero 250 / Legacy 250, Boreem (BMS) 250, Kazuma 250, Roketa 250, and Dazon Raider 250, as well as many other brands of ATVs, dirt bikes, scooters, go karts (buggies), and engines with alternative profile names. Two right side crankcase gaskets exist: one on the inside called Crankcase Gasket while the latter is on the outside called the Crankcase Cover Gasket.

Manufacturer Part Numbers:

  • CF Moto Part Numbers: 0110-011003, 172MM-011003 “"GASKET, CRANKCASE"
  • Hammerhead Part Number: 172MM-011003 “CRANKCASE SEAL”
  • Baja Reaction 250 (2-seater model) part # BR250-249 “GASKET, CRANKCASE”
  • Baja Dune 250 Part Number: DN250-603 “GASKET CRANKCASE”
  • Kinroad 250cc models Part Number: 11192-SCC0-0000 “GASKET CRANKCASE”
  • SunL Part Number: XF172MM-1003004 “GASKET, CRANKCASE”
  • Diamo Wolverine Part Number: XF172MM-1003004 “GASKET, CRANKCASE”
  • Joyner Part Numbers: 172MM-011003 “GASKET, CRANKCASE”, 172MM-B-011006 “CRANK CASE SEAL WASHER” or “SEAL WASHER.CRANK CASE”, SZ04003007 “GASKET, CRANKCASE”

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