Head Gasket - ATV, Hisun, Cylinder Base, 800cc, 1pc

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Cylinder body gasket. Commonly used for (but not limited to) 800cc engines, such as the Hisun 800cc 4x4 ATVs, as well as many other clones, rebrands and similar displacement machines.

These machines are commonly manufactured by Chongqing Huansong Industries (Group) Co., Ltd. and distributed by a range of exporters, importers and distributors under such brands as: Hisun, Bennche, Coleman, Massimo, Qlink, Menards Yardsport, Big Muddy, Powermax, Nordik, TSC, Rural King, Cub Cadet, Excalibur, US Titan / Supermach, Precision, JMC and many others.

Common Hisun model names are primarily listed as variations of "Hisun 800cc ATV", "Hisun HS800ATV" and "HSUN HS800 E-mark EFI". Common listed Hisun head gasket part number is 12150-010-0000 and ERP part number is 12150-010-0000. Also applies to some other variations of Hisun models.

  • 12150-010-0000
  • 12150-F68-0000
  • P010000120090000

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Hisun (HSUN)