Brake Lever With Brake Oil Reservoir - Left Hand, 400cc, 800cc, Odes, Liangzi

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This left brake lever with attached oil reservoir is commonly (but not exclusively) used for 400cc to 800cc ATVs and UTVs.

Common model names consist of variations of "Odes 400cc ATV", "Odes 800cc ATV", "Odes 4x4 ATV", "Liangzi 400cc 4x4 ATV", "Liangzi LZ400 ATV" etc. Common listed Odes and Liangzi brake lever with brake oil reservoir part number is 04-1111000 with listed description "CLUTCH HANDLEBAR". May apply to other similar variations of 4x4 ATVs from companies like Linhai, Liangzi, Kangdi and many more.

  • Manufacturer Part Number: 04-1111000

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