Gasket Set - Engine, Crankcase, CF Moto, 2V91W, 400cc, 500cc, 600cc, 800cc

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This complete set of engine gaskets (shim kit) is commonly used for but not limited to 400cc, 500cc, 600cc, and 800cc engines. It is most popularly known for its use in CF Moto CF400 (400cc), CF Moto CF500 (500cc), CF Moto CF600 (600cc), and CF Moto CF800 (800cc), as well as many other brands of ATVs, UTVs (side-by-side), SSVs, dirt bikes, scooters, go karts (buggies) and engines with profile names such as 2V91W(X8), 2V91W(Z8), CF400ATR-2S CForce 450S, CF400ATR-2L CForce 450L, CF400AU CForce 450, CF400AU-A CForce 450S, CF400AU-B CForce 450L, CF400AU-L CForce 450L, CF500ATR-2L CForce 550, CF500ATR-2S CForce 550, CF500ATR-3 CForce 550, CF500ATR-A CForce 550, CF500AU-6B CForce 550, CF500AU-6L CForce 550, CF500AU-7A CForce 550, CF500AU-7C CForce 550, CF500AU-7L CForce 550, CF500AU-7S CForce 550, CF500US ZForce 550 Z5, CF500US-EX ZForce 550 Z5-EX, CF500UTR ZForce 550 Z5, CF500UTR-2 UForce U500, CF500UU UForce U550 U5, CF600ATR-L CForce 600 X6, CF800-2, CF800-3 UForce U8, CF800ATR CForce 800 X8, CF800ATR-2 2V91W CForce 800 X8, CF800AU-2B CForce 800 X8, CF800UTR ZForce Z8-EX, CF800UTR-2 UForce U8, and CF800UU-A UForce U8.

Common CF Moto model names are predominantly “CF400”, "CF500", "CF600", and “CF800”. CF Moto complete gasket set part number is listed as 0800-0000A1 with description " COMPLETE GASKET SET, ENGINE” in their parts lists.

Manufacturer Part Number:

  • 0800-0000A1

Includes Part Numbers:

  • 0800-011002 "LEFT CRANKCASE COVER"
  • 0800-012002 "GASKET, CVT CASE(2)"
  • 0800-012001 "GASKET, CVT CASE(1)"

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