Battery - EV12026-2 / 6-DCM-26 / 6-DZM-26 / 6-FM-26, AGM, 12V 35Ah, Yimatzu, Threaded Terminals

Battery - EV12026-2 / 6-DCM-26 / 6-DZM-26 / 6-FM-26, AGM, 12V 35Ah, Yimatzu, Threaded Terminals

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Yimatzu 6-DCM-26 (also referred to as 6-DZM-26, EV1226, 6-EVF-26 and 6-FM-26) Sealed Lead Acid (SLA), Maintenance Free (MF), AGM class, specialized GEL electrolyte, 12V, 35Ah (@ 20hr) battery (is also sometimes referred to as 6-DZM-28, EV12228, 6-EVF-28 and 6-FM-28). This is the highest grade of DCM/DZM battery produced by Yimatzu and continues to rank as the top performing DCM battery in the Global marketplace. Yimatzu is the only battery in the north american marketplace to rate DCM batteries at 10hr ratings, superior to all competitors. This battery is the only 12V EV battery in north america to rate a true 28Ah at 10hr. Typically several pounds heavier than any competitor.

Yimatzu 6-DCM-26 is currently considered the most energy dense lead acid electric scooter/mobility/device battery in north america to fit within the most popular 181x77x170 millimeter (7.12x3.03x6.69 inches) case dimensions.

Yimatzu AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) technology introduces the advantage of suspending the electrolyte within an internal glass mat structure. This significantly reduces risk of vapour leak and provides substantially higher power capacity, increasing both total life span as well as the range of each individual cycle.

Yimatzu AGM series batteries provide a virtually maintenance free and risk free power solution by self-containing the acidic electrolyte. This is crucial for vehicles where impacts can occur, such as powersports, mobility and watersports. Yimatzu AGM battery design will maintain its performance and long-term storage characteristics for several times longer than a conventional lead battery.

Yimatzu GEL electrolyte technology provides a safer battery with higher performing deep cycle characteristics; greater cycle length and battery life-span. Yimatzu GEL impact and vibration dampening properties increase battery durability while providing superior resistance to temperature fluctuations and extremes. Yimtazu GEL ensures uniform electrolyte suspension, even plate discharge profiles, higher material heat capacity and top rated leak proofing from both evaporation and battery impact.

It is the combination of these two technology types along with industry leading manufacturing systems which allow Yimatzu to produce an unrivaled DCM battery and deliver them worldwide at a lower cost to the consumer. A finished product which provides the high power capacity and unmatched life expectancy of the Yimatzu AGM series, along with the improved deep cycle performance, stabilized discharge profile, advanced leak proofing and extended battery life of Yimatzu GEL electrolyte technology.

Note that a Yimatzu AGM battery with GEL electrolyte is different and far superior in almost every application than a GEL cell battery. GEL cell batteries are typically more expensive with less forgiving recharge protocols and do not offer the same power capacity as their size-comparable AGM counterparts. GEL cell batteries occupy a very small percentage of the total market and should only be used when specifically directed by the manufacturer; typically when low power is required at a slow discharge rate.

This 6-DCM-26 battery type is most commonly used within the powersport, transportation, medical and power supply industries. Often (though not exclusively) used for on-road scooters, mopeds, mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs as well as a wide assortment of electric ATVs, dirt bikes, golf carts and other powersports, mobility or toy products in 12 volt intervals (12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, 60V, 72V, 84V and 96V primarily).

Approximate Dimensions:

  • Length: 16.6cm (6.54in)
  • Width: 17.5cm (6.89in)
  • Height: 12.5cm (4.92in)
  • Weight: 9.2kg (20.3lbs)
  • Terminals (center to center): 11.43cm (4.5in)
Battery - EV12026-2 / 6-DCM-26 / 6-DZM-26 / 6-FM-26, AGM, 12V 35Ah, Yimatzu, Threaded Terminals

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